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Welcome to my Website, a  forum for my passions - professional and personal. Here's a bit about me:


For much of my professional life I was a journalist. I worked in newspapers, magazines, radio and online news. I met and interviewed many interesting, high profile people. My work was often exciting and allowed me to have wonderful lifetime experiences. From floating high in a hot air balloon race to plunging deep into the inky blackness of a working tungsten mine, rubbing elbows with the famous and infamous, covering tragedies and triumphs. I was privileged to interview a number of famous (and some infamous) personalities during these exciting years. And, I was honored with a couple of journalism awards for my reporting, along with a 20-year career that was inspiring, fascinating and energizing.












Today I am happily obsessed with sculpting for bronze - I've done a few public art pieces, received  "Best in Show" and Blue Ribbon awards for my work - but most gratifying has been creating sculptures for clients who want to memorialize their animal companions in beautiful bronze. It's a privilege to be able to make something so personal and lasting for people. 

Thank you for visiting me!! 

Darby Lee Patterson


I particularly enjoyed my experience as the publisher of "Heartland Magazine," a life style, newspaper insert that circulated throughout Central California and the Serra foothills.  Later, I put these publishing skills together to create books, magazines and websites for other people. It was great fun participating in helping someone's dream of publishing come true.


“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


― Maya Angelou

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