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More Work

Pope Francis is my largest and most challenging piece to date. He took years and thousands of dollars to complete. I want to find a public home for him, where people can share the compassion and joy I tried to capture. 


This lovely Golden Retriever  is a woman's special friend . I worked from several photographs to make the clay model. Then the piece was covered in silicone rubber and a hard shell is added. This makes a mold into which wax is poured and worked until the  piece feels and looks just right. Then, the process is out of my hands into those of many skilled artisans at a foundry, where it goes through many more steps before emerging as beautiful bronze. 


The bear at the right is in clay and you can see it in wax in an image above. At right below is the sweet lamb in clay that is now cuddled in the arms of a bronze bust of Pope Francis. 


The young buck is in bronze already and rough-finished. Most of these pieces are meant to hang on walls, doors, trees and siding - indoors or out. Bronze is everlasting! 

The trio of pieces (here in clay)  will decorate the siding of a mountain home.  

IMG_2449 (1).jpg


Contact me HERE or call 530-523-0788

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