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"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." (Confucius)

And who's to argue with him? So long as I am creating something, life is full and fun. Check out my books and stories, HERE and visit my bronze gallery HERE!

Hey, thanks for visiting!  I hope you'll find my art and writing interest you. Without an audience, the work of people in the arts is pretty lonely. We are inspired by feedback and motivated by you.
Briefly - I am a former journalist who was lucky enough to write for a living. In that role, I visited a bronze foundry and wrote a feature story for a newspaper.  I was fascinated, so I gave it a try myself and was amazed to find that my first attempt at a sculpture wasn't bad! And, I'd loved the whole, complicated process. That was my start in the ancient art of sculpting for bronze.
And, I never lost my love of writing.  I've written short stories and a few books I'm sharing on these pages along with work I've done with other people wanting to share their stories. 
Oh, and the nostalgic photo atop this column? That's my grandfather, Frank Darby (orphaned at birth) with his grandfather, William - a boatman on the canals of the Black Country in the midlands of England. The photo was taken on the front stoop of their tiny house on Bolton Road, Silsden.
"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein

 PASSION for Bronze

The art of making bronze is a complicated process – one that calls upon the creative muse to sing on the right side of the brain and then summons the left brain for skills such as manipulating chemicals, temperatures, mechanics and more. It’s also a very expensive pastime or artistic passion. If you’ll read about the Bronze Process on my website, I think you’ll understand why original bronze art pieces are costly – so many people with distinct skills are needed to take a sculpture from idea to perfect form.

 I know that I am particularly attracted to the timelessness of bronze, with artifacts that reach back almost 4000 years into history. Bronze pieces will outlast countless generations and become treasured artifacts of time. 

Visit my Gallery HERE and take a look at the Bronze process HERE. 

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