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LOVE ART? Please visit the Websites of my

family working artists:

Glass Blower Rene Steinke

Art Educator and Conceptual Pop Artist

Ianna Nova Frisby


Here's how it happened. I did a story on a small bronze foundry for a newspaper. I was totally drawn into the environment - the sounds of clanking metal, chains, furnaces and echoes off the hard walls of the warehouse.


And I was captivated by the very ancient history of bronze and how so many steps in the process remain almost unchanged over thousands of years.


So I gave it a try and, amazingly, I found that I was able sculpt in clay and make some rather delightful, whimsical pieces. No one taught me, but there it was! A little talent lying dormant, waiting for me to turn 55.


I sculpt for bronze, and time just ceases to exist. It's meditative and I end up with a piece of art - productive meditation?


The penguin at the right is now guarding the Carousel at the Sacramento Zoo and his head is losing it's patina due to all the petting he gets from the hands of children.


At the left is "Best Friends," a piece I did for a nonprofit program that houses the pets of homeless people. Beneath that is a Forever Box - a small bronze container with a marbled patina on the inside.


You can see new and current work HERE  and also learn a lot about the bronze process HERE.


I am  ALSO happy to do commissioned work. Once I send a piece to the foundry, turn-around time is 4 to six weeks. How long the sculpting and wax work takes me depends upon the complexity of the work being done. 


Please check out my custom door knockers fancied by animal lovers HERE and see some work in progress! But mostly, I hope you enjoy my timeless works in bronze. Feedback is Welcome!

“Art – the one achievement of man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well advised”

                                James Thurber



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