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Time Tested Page Turners

Publishing in print is a time honored and revered tradition - even in this digital world. In fact, contrary to early predictions, small book stores are  once again on the rise. And people are rediscovering the the comfort of turning the pages of a book.


I've helped people make books they've written and books they've dreamed of, using popular Print on Demand software. It's an affordable and customizable way to publish your book.


Memoirs, family stories, novels, photo essays - the content is only limited to the imagination. If you picture a special  book in your life, Let's Talk!



Above are a few of the books I've created and helped to publish.

And, what better place to share my own writing! Below are links to some books I have written and designed, and to short stories I intend to soon turn into a book.


Because I was a journalist and writer for my professional career, I longed to write for the sheer pleasure of story telling. I wrote on airplanes, in hotels and restaurants as I traveled in pursuit of material for my day-jobs in print and electronic journalism. Thus I understand the drive some people have tell their stories and see them in print.


I am thrilled to help others hold the book of their dreams in their hands and share them with the world. a few of my own books are below.


Did I say Let's Talk?

“Collect books, even if you don't plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library.”

                      John Waters

Relocating from big city fame as an award winning reporter to a small town newspaper was a matter of life and death for Jesse Kilgore. And, although he left his dangerous past behind he didn’t escape from serious crime. When a battered body is discovered in Jackass Creek ... MORE

"The Cat-Napping Caper" is my fast-paced mystery book for young readers that touches on respecting others and delivers a healthy anti-bullying message.

"Clan MacLaren, Ancient origins to modern times," is an easy to read account of Scottish history and the legends and lore of the Clan. It's written for American readers who have only basic knowledge of the long history of Scottish struggles.


Gina had a way with growing things. A profusion of flowers and herbs adorned her secluded garden regardless of the season. But beneath the surface lay a deadly seed pushing up a somber blue rose.
Along the Garden Path
Short Story in 2 parts

She was always perfectly good but when her reward for generosity finally arrived, only to drown in tears, Charlene planned an evil scheme of retribution.
The Goody-Goody Girl
Short Story

An afternoon along the breezy coast of eastern England and I listen to the pattern of a married life gently recapture its lost touch of tenderness.
Crossing the Channel
Short Story, slice-of-life

Living in a doublewide just outside Austin, Texas, might not be every woman's dream. But when Gypsy found her man she couldn't get him, and her off-beat friends, to the courthouse wedding fast enough. 
Gypsy's Wedding
Short Story, humor

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