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Down Darby Lane

A Short Reflection for Our Easter Weekend

No matter your faith or religious beliefs, Christianity’s Easter has a healing, optimistic message for everyone. I think about these things because I like to write about people and believe that we, no matter our backgrounds, share some fundamental truths that help us all deal with the dynamics of being alive, being here. This past year has certainly tested us all with new challenges to our everyday lives. We approach these with some shared human qualities inherent in the advent of Spring and the Easter story:


This weekend represents the hardships of being human and the Suffering we inevitably encounter. To endure the human experience we must be strong, loving, compassionate. We must believe there will be a better tomorrow.


We all know hurt, and if we’re lucky, we know Forgiveness. The kind that helps us move ahead without the burden of hate, resentment, blame and feelings that diminish the human spirit. Forgiveness heals.


The Easter story and the coming of Spring sees the clouds parting, sending rays of Hope for each tomorrow. Possibility, openness. Hope inspires, offers joy, lets us create good in the world.

We share these annual turning points, regardless of what we call them, what church or temple or mosque or spiritual path we choose. Whether or not we believe in a higher power or in the stars.

I wish you all a good beginning to what lies ahead as the Earth warms and flowers bloom and nature calls us out to work, play, love, give and receive.

Thank you so much for reading DownDarbyLane which I will start sending to you each Wednesday – because who wants to be staring at a screen on a Saturday in Springtime?

Happy Easter to you all,



Friends and Readers,

A note about most of us, for better and worse, in the Arts. I think we long to share our thoughts and creations - and without you, we are lonely. Imagine, you wrote a beautiful piece of music and no one but you (and perhaps your cat) ever got to hear it. Or painted a picture that no one else but you ever saw, or wrote a story that no one but you read. Sharing is everything for people in the arts and your support is fundamental to the continued creativity of all artists. So, Thank you! 

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Sample Amazon Reviews

This is an excellent writer!

Darby Patterson is truly a talented writer. She describes this little town sweetly without boring the reader with unimportant detail, and her descriptions are vivid. She also develops her characters fully through conversation and action so the reader becomes acquainted with the main players and can form pictures of them early in the book. Her characters' thoughts, interactions, and past activities combine to portray the culture of Redbud throughout the story, and the story itself is creative and holds surprises along the way. I too hope Ms Patterson continues to share her talents with us!

Sondra Jensen

Awaiting the next installment

An invitation to linger in this vanishing part of California which has so much history is writ on every page of this book. I've visited places like Redbud with a creek burbling in the background as gentle breezes sough through the pines and cedars. I've found them quaint and rich with fascinating local lore and history. Jesse, as publisher of the local weekly is very nicely sketched, the authors background as a journalist comes through clean and clear in developing him. This small California mining and logging town scrabbling to hang on, I liked very much as a setting. I wouldn't mind sitting down with Jesse and having a beer and help him solve his next mystery. The test of a good book is whether you'd be willing to read it again, later. This book passes that test and I can't wait for the next installment.

Jack Howard


Please let this be the first of a series!

Wonderful book; adult without being ‘R’ rated, complex story and well developed characters. The people of ‘Redbud’ ring true and, as a native Californian, the lumber, real estate and politics are spot on. I hope this is the beginning of a series because the author has created characters you want to know better.

D. Holmes

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