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I’m publishing this just two days before America’s annual day of gratitude. So many of my readers from around the world responded to my request for thankfulness that I am in the unique position of receiving more good news than any one person deserves! I am excited to share this large dose of Grateful Positivity with you – before you launch into all-consuming preparations.

A word about my editing: First, I’ve eliminated most references to sentiments we all share – gratitude for family and friends (including pets). And, I’ve delicately edited when a response was a bit long. I hope you read through these brief sentiments, and they do for you what they’ve done for me – affirm the presence and power of good in our lives – and how important it is to celebrate the most important things in life. In no particular order:

Peter: Thankful that I can breathe clean air. Thankful for the sunlight I can see. Thankful for this body that allows me to experience. Thankful for all the good and the seemingly bad experiences. Thankful for the kindness and friendship of so many Beings who came across my way. Thankful that I can say 'Thank You'.

Kris: I'm grateful for every extra day the good Lord gives me. And I'm grateful for the caring staff at the nursing home where I live.

Vicki: My health (I'm 75 and & never sick!)

Shannon: I am thankful for a good-paying job with excellent colleagues that allows me to provide care for people in need of services.

Steve: I’m thankful for every day I can get out of bed and enjoy these wide-open years of opportunity.

Christina: I am thankful for my family and our third grandkid - she is seven months old. I am also happy to share our feast with our fur babies ( at least the turkey).

Elizabeth: My parents, my dog, Lovie. That I have a place to live - Did I mention my parents? For things unspoken. And for Grace.

Ianna: Having all my limbs and most of my body parts in decent shape. Enjoying my job - I get paid for working with clay!

Patsy: Two sisters, far apart physically, but close with weekly phone chats. As a recent card from my older sister declared, "How does anyone make it through life without a sister?" My easy-going, undemanding husband.

The travels I've done both solo and with him, cheap via housesitting. So thankful we were able to go so many places before the pandemic. Good health, and living my dream on my Caribbean island.

Geri: For decent health; friends and family who are genuinely fine people; my plants and trees, indoors and out; and music, for all it has meant and done in my life.

Kay: I am grateful that I can get up, get into my wheelchair and move around on my own (I have Cerebral Palsy).

Alonza: I’m thankful that I have not gotten COVID-19, even when exposed. For my two new grandsons, making a total of eight now. Mostly, I thank my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Tonya: Family. Friends, health, sight, hearing, music, puzzles, books.

Anita: I am grateful … that I am currently not working and can enjoy 'just living' and my hobbies. I am grateful for all the things we have that we may not have in the future - like good health, freedom, and relative peace.

Kathy: My kitties, my home, my husband, my health, and you. Thanks for reminding me.

Anne: I am thankful for family and friends and wonderful authors who take pity on poor people who can't afford to buy books and sometimes send one for free. I always leave a review.

Cindy: I am grateful for the Blessings God grants me daily. I am grateful for my little dog, Brody. I am grateful for my family, my health, my home and my friends.

Mitos: - I am grateful for my loving husband, our furry friends, health, and peace at home.

Beverly: I am extremely grateful for my salvation! Also, the freedom and privilege of being born and living in the United States of America.

Joanne: I am Thankful for all my children as one almost died after severe brain damage from being hit by a drunk driver. She and another child both have Type 1 diabetes. My middle child, I almost lost to suicide. I am very thankful to God they are all here with me today. I have been truly blessed.

Deb: I am thankful that three members of my friends and family had successful surgeries and are doing well.

Nancy: Family and friends, indoor plumbing and clean water, good health, the natural world, especially the Sierra and the oceans, touch and reading.

Jan: Very thankful for my little guy Dylan when he's cuddly and not biting my feet! Thankful that this Covid pandemic is easing up. Thankful for having a mortgage-free home and income to cover my expenses.

Joanie: Good Health, family and friends, shelter, dogs, nature, and science.

Patricia: Where do I start! Got through Covid. Loving husband of over 30 years, Paid off the house this year and after 2 new knees, a hip, and shoulder I’m still mobile and active!

MariLou: Modern medicine. Chances are my husband would be having a miserable holiday -or none at all- if it weren’t for modern procedures, and that our home that was spared from the Caldor fire!

Ruth: Thankful for a good rainy afternoon in Ohio. For my family and friends and my health.

Pam: I am thankful for my family, church family, friends, and all the blessings in my life. Most thankfully for my relationship with God.

Ruth: I am thankful for my sweet, patient, and loving husband of 62 years, my lovely daughter who has survived breast cancer, and my rescues "Hotshot" furbaby London and grandfurbaby Brewster.

Kathleen: I am grateful for the love of my family and friends. I am grateful for the number of nonprofit agencies that are doing their best to aid individuals in their time of need.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with love, companionship, and gratitude. You, dear reader, give all these things to me.


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Sample Amazon Reviews

This is an excellent writer!

Darby Patterson is truly a talented writer. She describes this little town sweetly without boring the reader with unimportant detail, and her descriptions are vivid. She also develops her characters fully through conversation and action so the reader becomes acquainted with the main players and can form pictures of them early in the book. Her characters' thoughts, interactions, and past activities combine to portray the culture of Redbud throughout the story, and the story itself is creative and holds surprises along the way. I too hope Ms Patterson continues to share her talents with us!

Sondra Jensen

Awaiting the next installment

An invitation to linger in this vanishing part of California which has so much history is writ on every page of this book. I've visited places like Redbud with a creek burbling in the background as gentle breezes sough through the pines and cedars. I've found them quaint and rich with fascinating local lore and history. Jesse, as publisher of the local weekly is very nicely sketched, the authors background as a journalist comes through clean and clear in developing him. This small California mining and logging town scrabbling to hang on, I liked very much as a setting. I wouldn't mind sitting down with Jesse and having a beer and help him solve his next mystery. The test of a good book is whether you'd be willing to read it again, later. This book passes that test and I can't wait for the next installment.

Jack Howard


Please let this be the first of a series!

Wonderful book; adult without being ‘R’ rated, complex story and well developed characters. The people of ‘Redbud’ ring true and, as a native Californian, the lumber, real estate and politics are spot on. I hope this is the beginning of a series because the author has created characters you want to know better.

D. Holmes

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